Portuguese Words and Phrases

Some Basic Phrases

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Bom dia!
Hello! / Good morning!
Boa tarde!
Good afternoon!
Boa noite!
Good evening! / Good night!
Oi/Olá! Tchau!
Hi! /
Adeus.Good bye. Por favor.
Até mais.
you / See you later.
Até logo.
See you soon.
Até amanhã.
See you tomorrow.
(Muito) Obrigado.
Thank you (very
Não há de quê.
You’re welcome.
I’m sorry
Com licença/ Perdão.
Excuse me / Pardon
Let’s go!
Como o senhor está?
How are you? (formal)
feminine: a senhora
Como vai?
How are you? (informal)
E aí?How’s it going?
Bem / Muito bem
Good / Very good
Mal / Muito mal / Mais ou menos
Bad / Very bad /
More or less
Sim / Não
Yes / No
Como o senhor se chama?
What is your name? (formal)
Qual é o seu nome?
What is your name? (informal)
Me chamo…
My name is…
Prazer em conhecê-lo
Nice to meet you.
Same here.
Senhor / Senhora / SenhoritaMister / Mrs. / Miss
De onde o senhor é?
Where are you from? (formal)
De onde você é?
Where are you from? (informal)
Eu sou de…
I’m from…
Quantos anos o senhor tem?How
old are you? (formal)
Quantos anos você tem?
How old are you? (informal)
Eu tenho _____ anos.
I am _____ years old.
O senhor fala português?
Do you speak
Portuguese? (formal)
Você fala inglês?
you speak English? (informal)
(Não) Falo…
I (don’t)
Do you understand? (formal / informal)
(Não) Compreendo.
(don’t) understand.
Eu (não) sei.
yoh noh loh seh
I (don’t)
Pode me ajudar?
Can you help me?
Claro que sim
Of course
What? Pardon
Onde está / Onde estão… ?
Where is … / Where are … ?
Há / Havia…
There is
/ are… / There was / were…
Como se diz ____ em português?
How do you say ___ in
O que é isto?
What is that?
Qual é o problema?
What’s the matter
(with you)?
Não importa.
It doesn’t
O que aconteceu?
Não tenho idéia.
I have no idea.
Estou cansado / doente.
I’m tired / sick.
Estou com fome / sêde.
I’m hungry / thirsty.
Estou com calor / frio.
I’m hot / cold.
Estou chateado.
I’m bored.
Não me importa.
don’t care.
Não se preocupe.
Don’t worry
Tudo bem / ‘Tá bom.
Me esqueci.
I forgot.
Tenho que ir agora.
I must go now.
Bless you!
Boa sorte!
É a sua vez.
your turn. (informal)
Cale-se! / Cala a boca!
Shut up!
Eu te amo.
I love you. (informal and

Notice that Portuguese has informal and formal ways of saying things.
This is because there is more than one meaning to “you” in Portuguese (as well as
in many other languages.) The informal you is used when talking to close
friends, relatives, animals or children. The formal you is used when talking to
someone who is older than you or someone for whom you would like to
show respect (a professor, for example.) There are also two ways to say you in
the plural, used when speaking to more than one person.
All the adjectives in Portuguese have masculine and feminine forms, as we’ll see later.

This article was used with permission from:
Indo-European Languages



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    how can I say in Portuguese
    There are some friends visiting me at home.
    I love her but she loves him.
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    How can we say in Portuguse
    Look at my eyes to know how much I love you.
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  33. how do you say, give me your blessing?

  34. hellow i want to know the meaning of portuguese word sai fora ou can you please help me any one

    • Notice that “sai fora” is a typical pleonasm so consider the context when to use this phrase.

  35. simoziko said

    Sai ( verbo sair) leave. Ele sai para o trabalho cedo. He leaves for work early.
    Estou fora de casa= I’m far away of my house.
    Boa sorte

  36. Diegão Ap said

    “Sai fora” These two words together, are like the phrasal verbs you have in english. The meaning could be:
    go away!
    get out here!
    get out!

  37. MARY REED said

    how do u say you are my world my every breath my everything?

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  39. O que é isto? = What’s this?
    O que é aquilo? = What’s that?

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    Portuguese Words and Phrases | Words and Phrases

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