Korean Words and Phrases


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안녕하십니까. ( annyoung hashimnikka)
Hello. (informal)
안녕. ( annyoung)
How are you?
어떻게 지내십니까? (Eo-ddeo’ke ji naeshimnikka?)
Fine, thank you.
잘 지냅니다, 감사합니다. (Jal jinaemnida )
What is your name?
당신의 이름은 무엇입니까? (dangshin-ui ireum-eun mu-eot-imnida?)
My name is ______ .
제 이름은 ______입니다. (Je ireum-eun ____ imnida.)
Nice to meet you.
만나서 반갑습니다. (Mannaseo pangapseumnida)
부탁합니다. (but’ak hamnida)
Thank you.
감사합니다. ( kamsa hamnida)
You’re welcome.
천만에요. (cheon maneyo )
예/네. ( ye/ne)
아니오. ( anio)
Excuse me. (getting attention)
실례합니다. (shille hamnida )
Excuse me. (begging pardon)
죄송합니다. (juay song hamnida )
I’m sorry.
죄송합니다. ( juay song hamnida)
안녕히 가십시오/계십시오. (annyeonghi kashipsio/kyeshipsio)
Goodbye (informal)
안녕. ( annyoung)
Is there someone here who speaks English?
여기에 영어를 하시는 분 계십니까? (yeogi-eh yong-eo reul hashineun bun kyeshimnikka?)
I can’t speak {language} [well].
저는 {언어를} [잘] 못합니다. (seonin {oen-eo-reul} [sal] moshamnida)
Do you speak {language}?
{언어를} 하십니까? ({oen-eo-reul} hashimnikka?)

영 어를 (yong eo-reul)
한국 어를 (hankuk eo-reul)
중국 어를 (chukuk eo-reul)
일본 어를 (ilmon eo-reul)
도와주십시오! (Dowaju shipshio!)
Look out!
조심하십시오! (Jushimha shipshio!)
Good morning.
좋은 아침입니다. (Joh-eun ah-chim-imnida)
Good evening.
좋은 저녁입니다. (Joh-eun jeonyeok imnida)
Good night.
좋은 밤입니다. (joh-eun bamimnida)
Good night (to sleep)
안녕히 주무십시오. (annyeonghi jumushipshio)
I don’t understand.
이해가 안갑니다. (ee-haega ankamnida)
Where is the toilet?
화장실이 어디에 있습니까? (hwajangshilee eodi-eh it-seumnida?)

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  1. really-like-here!!!

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    i also like this kamsa hamnida saranghaeyo sarang hallaeyo 😉

  4. i loved it 🙂
    it can manipulate me always ! <3<3

  5. Anneyong Haseyo! 안녕하십니까 (HELLO!)

  6. anyoung :)안녕.!!

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  14. Choon Hee said

    좋은 저녁입니다

  15. like…

  16. annyoung hashimnikka,dangshin-ui ireum-eun mu-eot-imnida?. Mannaseo pangapseumnida. Je ireum-eun jeazle maramag imnida.

  17. saranghea 2 all kumapsuimmida

  18. annyoung…?

  19. 저는 {언어를} [잘] 못합니다

  20. in the “I’m fine, thank you” statement, the ‘Jal jinaemnida’ only means “I’m fine” so it needs ‘kamsahamnida’ to complete the statement. 🙂

  21. i love this ! 🙂 matututo din ako. i swear 🙂

  22. enjoy learning korean words:))

  23. kamsa hamnida!

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  30. chonun cristel jadulco rahgo you chonun _____ rahgo

  31. i want moreeeee……!!!!

  32. .’ joh eun ah chim imnida….
    sarang hae yo…..

  33. i really like korean words saranghae my addiction actor in korean is lee min ho i really really like him so much kamsa hamnida?

  34. yobosayo chingu. saranghamnida! 🙂

  35. yaboseyo!..kansa-hamnida!

  36. kamsa hamnida…

  37. annyoung hasshimnika

  38. mannaseo pangapseumnida!

  39. sirwordsalot said

    The translation for “What is your name?” should end with “imnikka”, to agree with the Hangul text. Not “imnida”. Otherwise, very much appreciated. Kamsahamnida!

  40. annyeong! meacruz kristine imnida! 😀

  41. annneong hasseyo:)

  42. Nenzy Anne said

    sarang haeyo ❤

  43. annyoung hashimnikka

  44. joh-eun ah-chim-imnida

  45. Je ireum-eun airon khim imnida.


  46. cheon maneyo

  47. The engravings of the korean words and writing them so I wanted to go to seoul, south, korea

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  49. annyeonghaseyo ^^

  50. Joh eun-salam 🙂

  51. han-kuk-eu-reul

  52. annyoung

  53. annyong hashimnida (hello)

  54. dangshin-ui

  55. annyong (goodbye)

  56. juay song hamnida (I am sorry)

  57. hahhah very nice….. ever

  58. annyeong ..<3 🙂

  59. oh-eun jeonyeok imnida

  60. i loved korean pronunciation when i watched U RE BEAUTIFUL,the only word i was able to pronounce is ARASOO(understood) ,OTOKAJIO(what should i do),now here i must speak fluently korean,sarangaeyo koreans, good job Princes Go Mi Nam(PSH) and our cute prince(JKS)

  61. Ang konti naman po :((

  62. like it…. kamsa hamnida 🙂

  63. kim zhie said

    neomu..neomu..neomu joahaeyo

  64. I know the thank you is gumawo not kamsa haminida o but know that kamsa haminida is thank you very much but gumawo for all

    • Gumawo is use for your friends or person who’s younger than you
      kamasa hamnida is formal is use to elders or older than you

  65. if you want to address formal guests, how do you say it in korean?

  66. Reshma Manu said

    “Joh-eun bam neoleul salanghae”

    What it means???

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