Japanese Words and Phrases

Basic expressions

To learn more about Words and Phrases visit Learn the Japanese Language.

All of this time, you’ve been going along learning Japanese vocabulary and grammar, but there’s a chance that you don’t even know simple Japanese greetings yet (through no fault of your own). So here they are, learn them well:

ohayou (gozaimasu) – good morning
konnichi wa – hello
konban wa – good evening (said when meeting someone)
oyasumi (nasai) – good night (said when departing)
hajimemashite – I’m pleased to meet you, how do you do?
sayounara – good bye
dewa mata – good bye, later (more informal than sayounara)
jaa mata – see you later (more informal than dewa mata)
(doumo) arigatou (gozaimasu) – thank you (add the words in () to increase politeness)
dou itashimashite – you’re welcome, don’t mention it
(o)genki( desu ka)? – how are you? (lit. are you well?)

This article was used with permission from:
Japanese is Possible



  1. konnichiwa! to all! doumoarigatogozaimasu!,,,,…

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