Italian Words and Phrases

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Italian spelling

English sound


si syh yes
no noh no
forse fohrseh” maybe
chissà “kyssah who knows?


Italian spelling

English sound


grazie grahtsyeh” thank you, thanks
molte grazie mohlteh grahtsyeh” thanks a lot
grazie mille grahtsyeh myhlleh” a thousand thanks
prego prehgoh” you are welcome

The verb ringraziare (to thank) is also often used in expressions of thanks:

INFORMAL ti ringrazio = I thank you
FORMAL la ringrazio = I thank you
INFORMAL / FORMAL vi ringrazio = I thank you, plural person

It is always polite to answer prego when being thanked.

In Italian, thanks is used more sparingly than in English, usually only in situations
where there is a real reason for being thankful (doing a favour, lending a hand,
giving an information, etc.). You will seldom be thanked for something which you are expected
to do, like paying a bill, or similar duties.


Italian spelling

English sound


per favore “pehr fahvohreh” please
per piacere “pehr pyahchehreh” please

Both expressions are equivalent.

They are used either at the beginning of the sentence or at the end.


Italian spelling

English sound


scusi, … skwsy” excuse me, …
mi scusi, … “myh skwsy” excuse me, …
chiedo scusa, … kyehdoh skwsah” excuse me, …
scusi skwsy” sorry
mi scusi “myh skwsy” sorry
mi dispiace “myh dyspyahcheh” I’m sorry

This article was used with permission from:
Teach Yourself Italian


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