French Words and Phrases

1. Some Basic Phrases

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bohn-zhoorHello / Good day
Good evening
Bonne nuit
bun nwee
Good night
sah-lewHi / Bye
Au revoir
S’il vous plaît
seel voo plehPlease
Merci (beaucoup)
mair-see boh-kooThank you (very much)
De rien. / Je vous en prie.
duh ree-ahn / zhuh voo zawn preeYou’re welcome.
Welcome (also You’re welcome in Quebec)
A tout à l’heure / A plus tard
ah too tah luhr / ah plew tahrSee you later
A bientôt
ah bee-ahn-tohSee you soon
A demain
ah duh-mahnSee you tomorrow
pahr-dohn-nay-mwahExcuse me!
ah-lohn-zeeLet’s go!
Comment allez-vous ?
koh-mawn tahl-ay vooHow are you? (formal)
Ça va ?
sah vahHow are you? (informal)
Très bien / mal / pas mal
treh bee-ahn / mahl / pah mahlVery good / bad / not bad
Je vais bien
zhuh vay bee-ahnI’m fine.
Ça va.
sah vahI’m fine. (informal)
Oui / non
wee/nohnYes / no
Comment vous appelez-vous ?
koh-mawn voo zah-play voo
What’s your name? (formal)
Tu t’appelles comment ?
tew tah-pell koh-mawnWhat’s your name? (informal)
Je m’appelle…
zhuh mah-pellMy name is…
awn-shawn-tayNice to meet you.
Monsieur, Madame, Mademoiselle
muh-syuh, mah-dahm, mahd-mwah-zellMister, Misses, Miss
Mesdames et Messieurs
meh-dahm eh meh-syuhLadies and gentlemen
Vous êtes d’où ?
voo zet dooWhere are you from? (formal)
Tu es d’où ?
tew ay dooWhere are you from? (informal)
Je suis de…
zhuh swee duhI am from…
Où habitez-vous ?
ooh ah-bee-tay vooWhere do you live? (formal)
Tu habites où ?
tew ah-beet oohWhere do you live? (informal)
J’habite à
zhah-beet ahI live in…
Quel âge avez-vous ?
kell ahzh ah-vay vooHow old are you? (formal)
Tu as quel âge ?
tew ah kell ahzhHow old are you? (informal)
J’ai ____ ans.
zhay ____ awnI am ____ years old.
Parlez-vous français ?
par-lay voo frahn-sayDo you speak French? (formal)
Tu parles anglais ?
tew parl on-glayDo you speak English? (informal)
Je (ne) parle (pas)…
zhuh nuh parl pahI (don’t) speak…
Comprenez-vous? / Tu comprends?
kohm-pren-ay-voo / tew kohm-prawnDo you understand? (formal / informal)
Je (ne) comprends (pas)
zhuh nuh kohm-prawn pahI (don’t) understand
Je (ne) sais (pas)
zhuhn say pahI (don’t) know
Pouvez-vous m’aider? / Tu peux m’aider?
poo-vay voo meh-day / tew puh meh-dayCan you help me? (formal / informal)
Bien sûr.
bee-ahn sirOf course.
kohm-mawnWhat? Pardon?
Où est … / Où sont … ?
ooh eh / ooh sohnWhere is … / Where are … ?
Voici / Voilà
vwah-see / vwah-lahHere is… / Here it is.
Il y a …/ Il y avait…
eel-ee-ah / eel-ee-ah-vehThere is / are… / There was / were…
Comment dit-on ____ en français?
kohm-mawn dee-tohn ___ on frahn-sayHow do you say ____ in French?
Qu’est-ce que c’est que ça?
kess kuh seh kuh sahWhat is that?
Qu’est-ce qu’il y a?
kess keel-ee-ahWhat’s the matter?
Ça ne fait rien.
sah nuh feh ree-ahnIt doesn’t matter.
Qu’est-ce qui se passe?
kess kee suh pahsWhat’s happening?
Je n’ai aucune idée.
zhuh neh oh-kewn ee-dayI have no idea.
Je suis fatigué(e) / malade.
zhuh swee fah-tee-gay / mah-lahdI’m tired / sick.
J’ai faim / soif.
zhay fawn / swahfI’m hungry / thirsty.
J’ai chaud / froid.
zhay show / fwahI’m hot / cold.
Je m’ennuie.
zhuh mawn-nweeI’m bored.
Ça m’est égal.
sah meh-teh-gahlI don’t care.
Ne vous en faites pas. / Ne t’en fais pas.
nuh voo zawn fett pah / nuh tawn feh pah
Don’t worry (formal / informal)
Ce n’est pas grave.
suh neh pah grahvIt’s no problem. / It’s alright.
J’ai oublié.
zhay oo-blee-ayI forgot.
Je dois y aller.
zhuh dwah see ah-layI must go.
A vos souhaits! / A tes souhaits!
ah voh soo-eh / a teh soo-ehBless you! (formal / informal)
Bonne chance!
bun shahnsGood luck!
C’est à vous! / C’est à toi!
set ah voo / set a twahIt’s your turn! (formal / informal)
Taisez-vous! / Tais-toi!
tez-zay voo / teh twahShut up! / Be quiet! (formal / informal)
Je t’aime
zhuh temI love you (informal and singular)

Notice that French has informal and formal ways of saying things. This is because
there is more than one meaning to “you” in French (as well as in many
other languages.) The informal you is used when talking to close friends, relatives,
animals or children. The formal you is used when talking to someone you just
met, do not know well, or someone for whom you would like to show respect (a
professor, for example.) There is also a plural you, used when speaking to more
than one person.

Also notice that some words take an extra e, shown in parentheses. If
the word refers to a woman or is spoken by a woman, then the e is added
in spelling; but in most cases, it does not change the pronunciation.

To make verbs negative, French adds ne before the verb and pas
after it. However, the ne is frequently dropped in spoken French, although
it must appear in written French.

This article was used with permission from:
Indo-European Languages



  1. simoziko said

    how can i say in French( I miss you very much )
    Thank you

  2. simoziko said

    how can i say to a friend ( i can help you)
    Thanks a lot

  3. MyLifeMyaT said

    Ah, Bonjour. Merci. Je n’ai aucune idée comment dire Although. Comment dit-on although en Francais?

    • simoziko said

      Bien que = Although
      Bien qu’il est malade, il joue. = Although he is ill, he plays
      Teacher of English in Egypt.

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  5. simoziko said

    Je parle anglais. Français, arabe et portugais.

  6. comment on dit ” take it easy” en français ??

  7. simoziko said

    We need a good teacher here.
    thank you

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  9. what should i say when someone says sorry

  10. simoziko said

    The answer for sorry is 1-It’s all right 2-Don’t worry 3- Never mind
    Teacher of English
    pas du quoi for French

  11. Im slowly learning french through you tube and some sites to get words and phrases. Any suggestions on the best way to leanr and keep all the info in, i seem to forget a allot. Any good strategies?

  12. simoziko said

    Don’t give up. keep trying. God bless you.

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  21. how do u pronounce samedi soir je suis alle au cinema avec ma famille c’etait super

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  24. Emily Wilson said

    how do i say “thank you for being my best friend” to a guy friend

  25. Can someone help me pick the correct word to place in the blank

    Jaime: On va ________ concert demain?
    Juan: D’accord.
    A. au
    B. du
    C. à la
    D. à

  26. What is the french meaning of rendezvous? Is it appropriate for a kids business?

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